Commissions are Closed

I will not be taking any new commission orders as I have put this aspect of my business on hiatus until further notice.

While it’s been amazing that so many of you have wanted me to create your beloved pet in clay, I've found working on them intensely stressful! 

Personalised pet vases wasn’t something I set out to make when I started Dóttir Studio, it was something that snowballed after I was asked to make one for a friend. 

I’m thankful for every one of the pet owners that I’ve worked with as each pet has been lovely to get to know.

But now I need some time to rediscover the meaning I get from creating things from clay and who I am as an artist. 

That's not to say they will never be back, but for now I want to focus on creating and developing my clay practice, away from pet portraiture.

There will always be coloured cat vases in my shop updates and hopefully new and exciting designs, so even tho I can't make one of your pet, I hope you stick around to see what I make in the future.