Mantle Piece Cats - Martha & Mabel


These are my whimsical take on the traditional Staffordshire Cat antique ornaments, popular during the 19th century.

They are sold as sisters, Martha and Mabel. 

Each cat is hand-built and sits on a plinth made from earthenware clay. They stand tall at 23cm and are illustrated with blush pink and mid-pink clouds with gold ribbons around their necks. 

The clouds across their fur have been highlighted with metallic gold lustre star bursts and a sweet little moons, sparkling in their cosmic cloud patches. They are both finished with wavy gold whiskers.

The gold details are 24 carat gold lustre, added with an additional a 3rd firing.

Across their bodies reads in hand painted script, 'Somewhere birds fly high.' 

They are sold as a pair and are designed to sit on your mantle piece, but they would work just as well as decorative bookends or as just wonderfully whimsical ornaments. 

Each measures 23cm x 12cm x 10cm approx.

They are mirror images of each other, but not identical.

Handmade in my studio, carefully illustrated and with a makers mark on the base.