Sleepy Black + White Cat Bowl


A little cat sleeps curled up on a red cushion. Little details on the cushion are highlighted in gold.

The bowl was thrown on the wheel, with the little cat added once the bowl had been trimmed and turned. This item has been carefully handmade from start to finish.

The cat is illustrated with underglazes, glazed with a glossy transparent glaze and then tiny details finished with real gold lustre, meaning it has been fired 3 times. This is a really special piece!

Ideal for use for trinkets, as an ornament or as you can see, small snacks. It looks like the kitty is in a ball pit with skittles surrounding him in this picture.

Not dishwasher safe - always handwash to keep the gold looking lovely.

13.5cm x 6.5cm approx.

Each item is handmade in my studio and features a makers mark.