Dóttir Studio is the work of UK based artist and maker, Jess King.

She creates small runs and one-of-a-kind ceramics from her home studio in Hertfordshire. Building each piece by hand, using coils and slabs to bring the characters from her imagination to life.

Taking inspiration from nature and storytelling, she creates whimsical ceramic curiosities that are embodied with a playful sense of narrative, reminiscent of a childhood memory or a story once told.

Jess studied MA Illustration at the University of Brighton. Upon graduation, she worked in the world of commercial surface pattern design for many years, but after the birth of her daughter she sort a return to a less commercial art practice and so began ‘Dóttir Studio’.

‘Dóttir’ translates as ‘daughter’ in Icelandic. Iceland is a special place close to my heart…it’s where magic exists.