When will there be more work available to buy?

My making cycle is about 6/8 weeks long, depending on what time of year it is. I fit working on Dóttir, around my young daughter and sometimes that means I have other priorities like half terms and school holidays.

6-8 weeks is how long it takes me to make, dry, illustrate, fire, glaze, fire again and then photograph and list a collection. I do my best to make the best work I can for you and that means no corners can be cut.

I am the only person at works at Dóttir Studio and I do everything, from answering your emails, making ceramic cats to shipping orders, updating websites, accounting and product development.

For shop updates please sign up to my newsletter and follow me on instagram for news on when these will be. Please note, when a shop update goes live, pieces sell quickly.

My Creative Process

I make work in small batches, all handmade by me from start to finish. Ceramics take a long time to make; drying the clay is a controlled and careful process to ensure it doesn’t crack. Then each piece is carefully hand-painted, fired, glazed and then fired again. I try and give myself 6/8 weeks between batches to allow time for each step.

I work best when I create what’s in my imagination and even better when making one-a-kind pieces. This means I can’t guarantee what will be in each batch until it has been created. 

As an artist who makes everything by hand, it is a challenge to keep up with the increasing demand for my work. This is a wonderful position to be in, but it does mean that sometimes it takes a little longer to reply to emails or to respond to your questions on social media.

I do everything in my little business, from hand building all my pieces and illustrating them, to my accounts, product photography, website design and shipping. Please be patient with me as I am doing my best to deliver beautiful products alongside the best customer experience.

              Commissions are Closed Until Further Notice

              I will not be taking any new commission orders as I have put this                          aspect of my business on hiatus until further notice.

              I've found working on custom vases intensely stressful, time                                consuming and a huge kill joy for a long time now. I know they are                      hugely popular but I'm a human, not a machine and I need some time                to rediscover the meaning I get from creating and making things from                  clay. 

              That's not to say they will never be back, but for now I want to focus                  on creating and developing my work away from highly detailed,                            illustrated pet vases. 

              There will always be coloured cat vases in my shop updates and                          hopefully new and exciting designs, so even tho I can't make one of                    your pet, I hope you stick around to see what I make in the future.


Please message me if you are interested in stocking my work. I consider stores and galleries on an individual basis depending on time of year and my current work load.


I want you to love your piece as much as I loved making it. Please see my Returns Policy for more information.

If an item arrives with you broken, send me an email with a picture of the damage and we can take it from there.

• Please note, commissions and custom pieces are non-refundable •


Yes, I ship worldwide! Please see my Shipping Policy for more information.

**Please note due to Brexit, there might be additional delays for European customers. Please also be aware that there might be import taxes to pay in your country now the UK has left the EU. Dóttir Studio is not responsible for these so please keep that in mind.**

Parcels can take up to 6 weeks from the point of purchase to arrive in any international destination and I’m not responsible for delays that are caused due to the pandemic. I will do my best to chase and assist you in following up on the location of the item but unless a parcel is missing for an extended period of time I can’t register it as lost with the post office.

I try to re-cycle as much of my packaging as I can! I am currently testing a new biodegradable bubble wrap, so if your bubble wrap arrives green, this is why.

More Questions?

You can reach me through my contact form on this website and I’ll endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.

A Polite Notice

All my work is handmade, by me, from start to finish. I am not a machine, so there will be a certain amount of wonkiness, wobbles and imperfections. This is what adds to the charm of handmade products, they’re one-of-a-kind and not mass produced by a factory but by a human artist - me. If you like your items to be straight and perfect, please consider this before you buy my work.

I do my best to photograph each piece to give you the best impression of what it looks like.

My measurements are approximate and plant, props and jewellery are not included.